Hey! I’m Kalila and I’m from the beautiful Gold Coast region in Queensland. Since a young age, I have grown up amidst nature and wildlife and have developed a thriving passion for the outdoors, environment and leading a healthy and sustainable life. Being surrounded by abundant, Australian flora and fauna, has allowed me to develop a deeper connection and appreciation for the land.

At primary school age, I started a movement within my school called “The Wilderness Society Group.” This movement stemmed from my interest in environmental conservation and a yearning to help prevent deforestation within Australia. I led a handful of students to host rubbish clean-ups and fundraising events to raise money for the Australian Wilderness Society Foundation, which champions the rehabilitation of endangered flora and fauna within Australia.

As my passion for the outdoors and adventure has grown, my involvement has diversified. I have completed my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards and I enjoy participating in trail running and endurance events for charity. I have also completed my Cert III in Active Volunteering, Cert III & IV in Fitness and my Cert II & III in Outdoor Recreation; stepping up to lead and guide others to engage in healthy and sustainable activities.

Conserving our diverse Australian ecosystems and the environment we live in, is crucial in this day and age. We as young people need to set a positive example of sustainability and conservation for generations to come. I am proud to be a Wild Mob Youth Ambassador and have ventured to the Cumberland Islands, Norfolk Island and Hauraki Islands in New Zealand on environmental conservation expeditions.

I can’t wait to keep making change in this magnificent natural world we live in and hope to inspire others to do so too!