G’day my name is Flynn Dempsey but you can call me Dezza. I’m from the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland and all my life I’ve had the passion for wildlife conservation.

Growing up as a billy lid I can remember living and breathing environmental care and protection. Each day I’d be going out and giving it my all to either pick up rubbish off the side of roads or saving a small bird from being eating by a stray cat. And of course, just enjoying the outdoors.

Over the last few years, I’ve been given so many opportunities to have a life jam-packed with adventure and action that it’s actually hard to put my finger on what has been the most impactful to me. Going to Norfolk Island as a student volunteer with Wild Mob and then being chosen as a senior student leader for a 2nd trip was certainly a high point for me.

In other activities I’ve completed my Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation, been an intern at Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre and completed my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Life’s just a big kick and I’m loving all of it.