I’m one of the founders of Youth 4 Beaches and my greatest passion in life is the ocean. I love to surf, snorkel, dive, swim, play and enjoy the healing properties of the sea. And when I’m not around the ocean, I’m usually dreaming about being there!

Through experiencing the beauties of this majestic place, we call Earth, I have noticed that there is much to be done to ensure that its beauty is kept. I am passionate about conserving the ocean and giving the environment a voice. I do this by getting involved in clean-up, conservation and community initiatives and spreading the knowledge of how important the environment is and what actions can be taken to protect it. I have my Certificate 3 in Active Volunteering and have volunteered with Wild Mob on their Norfolk Island and Cumberland Islands projects.

I have received several awards and recognition for my work in the environment such as a Premier’s Sustainability award, Healthy Waterways Award, Leadership Excellence Award, and Young Legends award. But most of all I just enjoy being amongst it and connecting with like-minded people.