My name is Lawson Schafer and I have a passion for the environment and have always loved using my voice to articulate important issues that communities face.

I thoroughly enjoy drama and public speaking and have used presentation skills to speak out about a variety of causes. I have been a member of Gold Coast Junior Council since I was eligible to apply and have provided voice-overs for several organisations, including Kids Who Know and Silkwood School.

Outdoor exploration has always been an interest of mine as well, completing treks such as the 48 km Kokoda Youth Foundation Walk and the Gold Coast Great Walk. I’ve completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards and support community and environmental events as a street performer, using physical theatre to communicate important messages. I have completed my Certificate 3 in Active Volunteering and volunteered with Wild Mob on their Norfolk Island, Cumberland Islands and Hauraki Gulf conservation projects.

I am incredibly excited to work alongside Wild Mob in projects they operate, as they have been responsible for the maintenance and environmental protection of several island ecosystems. Their cooperation with local communities as well as passion for the conservation of this planet has led to some fantastic outcomes of their work throughout the Pacific. I hope to assist in further projects that they undertake.