Early on in my life, I felt the pull of the natural world and decided to spend my younger years out in the bushland surrounding my place of residence, as often as possible. This has given me a connection with the land around me and the urge to start protecting, preserving and conserving what is left of our precious eco systems.

I love learning about the conservation and restoration of sensitive and protected areas through workshops and building connections with organisations like Wild Mob and Land for Wildlife. In the process of supporting my passion for the environment, I have completed my Certificate III in Horticulture. I have also been an environmental ambassador and custodian of native habitats at Silkwood School, working with mentors and service providers to support the integrity of maintaining 5 covenants across this site.

Additionally, I am concerned with the fauna aspect of this land where, if threatened, the native wildlife will start to decrease. I have volunteered at the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre (ABC), helping with the care of Australian bats species that have been affected by either climate change or injuries inflicted by humans or other animals.

I am currently working full-time in ecological restoration, conserving and protecting coastal and island ecosystems in the Moreton Bay region of South East Queensland.