Hi, my name is Charlie. I have a huge interest in science and research and I think it’s really important to understand the science behind any project undertaken.

Living on acreage my whole life, I grew up as a bush kid and developed a love and respect for the land I live on. This appreciation I have for my own home I take to all other environments I visit. Growing up away from the busy world has made me very unaware of the major conservational issues facing us today and discovering them has come as quite a shock and motivated me to help where I can.

Currently, I am a member of the Brisbane Young Scientists Association and have completed a Certificate III in Active Volunteering. Through this, I have been putting myself out into the community and immersing myself in the world of helping people and environments. I have discovered that I have I very strong drive to protect and preserve ecosystems that are in danger, both like and unlike the one I grew up in. I have also completed a university unit in Biology at Southern Cross University.

As a Youth Ambassador, I am really looking forward to bringing my love of science together with my drive to protect the environment to spread the message of conservation.