Young people have always been a huge part of Wild Mob. We believe that educating and inspiring the next generation is crucial to safeguarding our environment for generations to come.

Through our Classroom Program, we provide environmental education opportunities to Aussie schools. These programs turn theory into practice, getting kids on the ground at actual conservation sites, There, they develop practical skills and experience first-hand the challenges and rewards of conservation biology.

The Youth Ambassadors Program

Our Youth Ambassadors Program is the next step in this education evolution. Our vision is help grow a group of young people across Australia to be the next leaders in nature conservation.

The Program engages and empowers young people in taking direct action to protect critically endangered ecosystems. Each new project sees our Ambassadors identify an environmental problem in their area and develop a measurable, achievable, sustainable solution to help solve it.

The Wild Mob team is there to help every step of the way, providing guidance and mentorship, teaching necessary practical skills and assisting in fundraising and logistics planning. But ultimately, it’s the kids turn to drive the change.

We’d like to give special mention to Kalindi Brennan, an incredible teacher, mentor and Wild Mob supporter. This Program wouldn’t have got of the ground without her unwavering commitment and passion. Kalindi continues to work closely with our Youth Ambassadors to help them achieve their goals. Thank you!

Our Youth Ambassadors

“Our vision is to step up as the next generation and take charge of the environmental challenges that are being left for us. We want to do it our way and have our voices heard on how to create sustainable futures. It’s our turn!”

Wild Mob's Youth Ambassadors

Latest news

The inaugural Youth Ambassadors project is happening in September this year. Join our Ambassadors as they launch a campaign to move marine debris off the islands in the Great Barrier Reef and bring focus to mitigating the problem at its source: the waste habits of humans.

Keep up to date with the latest news on this project via our blog.

Turtle time! A conservation adventure like no other

| Education, Great Barrier Reef Islands | No Comments

We need enthusiastic adventurers to join us for this unique nesting turtle research program in the Great Barrier Reef Islands!

Wild Mob - Youth Ambassadors on Norfolk Island

Youth Ambassadors clean up on Norfolk

| Education, Youth Ambassadors | No Comments

Wild Mob Youth Ambassadors Jack Hamblyn and Renae Domigan head to Norfolk Island as Classroom Program volunteers.

Wild Mob - Youth Ambassadors with Derek

Wild Mob’s Youth Ambassadors strike again!

| Education, Youth Ambassadors | No Comments

Watch our Youth Ambassadors in action at Burleigh Beach in this dreamy video!

Wild Mob - Youth Ambassadors with Derek

Meet the kids at the coalface of conservation

| Education, Youth Ambassadors | No Comments

We’re thrilled to announce our brand new Youth Ambassadors Program, empowering a group of amazing kids to be the next leaders in conservation.

Get involved

Our Youth Ambassadors run campaigns every few months to help fund their next project. Sign up to our newsletter to keep informed and lend them a hand!

If you’re a student, teacher or parent and think your school or university is harbouring its own Youth Ambassadors, we’d love to hear from you.

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