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Plans for the upcoming Youth Ambassadors Great Barrier Reef conservation project are steaming ahead.

But that hasn’t stopped this amazing group of young people  from dabbling in a bit of clean up closer to home!

Here’s the team doing an audit at Burleigh Beach in the Gold Coast. (Thanks to Ambassadors Izzy and Zali for putting together this dreamy video!)

Cleaning up the reef

The Youth Ambassadors will then head out to the Great Barrier Reef Islands with Wild Mob later in September.

The background is this: over the past year, Wild Mob has removed and bagged up literally hundreds of bags of marine debris from turtle nesting sites. But our catamaran Wild Cat is simply too small to bring a lot of it back! We place much of the debris above the tideline so it can’t make it’s way back to the ocean. But it’s only a temporary solution.

Cue our Ambassadors, who have thought up the great plan to charter a barge out to the islands, collect all the bags themselves and bring them back to the mainland for proper disposal. How’s that?!

This initial trip will give our Ambassadors an idea of how much marine debris is in need of removal and where. They can then begin campaigning for support to bring the bags home. And out of the natural system forever.

We’ll be back with more Youth Ambassador updates post trip. Watch this space!

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