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Wild Mob Youth Ambassadors Jack Hamblyn and Renae Domigan have undertaken 8-days of work experience with CEO Derek Ball on Norfolk Island.

Accompanying Year 10 students from Silkwood School in a Wild Mob Norfolk Island Classroom Program, they have been involved in conservation projects on private properties, eco-tourism initiatives and consulting with community members and leaders on conservation management issues and current proposals.

As senior students at Silkwood School, Jack and Renae have years of experience working in native habitats and restoration zones with sustainability principles authentically embedded in their learning programs.

They walk the talk and contribute significantly to their local community in social, cultural and environmental contexts.

Wild Mob - Youth Ambassadors on Norfolk IslandWild Mob’s Youth Ambassadors with Norfolk Island Elder Merv Buffet

Wild Mob Cultural Liaison Jodie Williams highlighted the significance of their work. “This is a community in isolation and everything is interdependent in terms of sustainable practices and way of life on a small island.  Jack and Renae took a keen interest in meeting the islanders, making connections and deepening their understanding of the importance of cultural value and sensitivities when working with community.”

Wild Mob - Youth Ambassadors on Norfolk IslandWild Mob Youth Ambassadors Jack and Renae with Wild Mob Cultural Liaison Jodie Williams 

I was personally thrilled to have them involved in the Year 10 Norfolk Island expedition! Their energy and passion for the environment rubbed off on the younger students and enriched the learning experience for us all.

As young leaders, Jack and Renae modelled high level conservation engagement and guided other students in how to work productively and effectively in project zones.

They were well-received and welcomed by the Norfolk community and their enthusiasm for listening, learning and working at the coalface was heartening to behold.

Wild Mob - Youth Ambassadors on Norfolk IslandJack with Wild Mob CEO Derek Ball

Wild Mob CEO Derek had this to say: “It’s great to have ambassadors involved in projects here on Norfolk Island to demonstrate to the local community that young people have enormous potential to get involved and make a positive difference.”

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