If you’re in Australia right now, you’re probably starting to get excited about warmer weather, longer days, barbies on the beach and maybe even a little summer getaway…

… have we got the getaway for you!

This January and February, we’re launching a new conservation program where volunteers get to contribute to invaluable Great Barrier Reef research by conducting their very own series of marine surveys. And have a holiday while doing it!

Keep your eye on the reef

Our new marine survey-based volunteer trips are done in collaboration with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA)’s assessment program Eye on the Reef.

Eye on the Reef empowers everyone to contribute to the ongoing protection of the reef by collecting vital information about reef health, animals and incidents.

Your conservation impact

Before the trip, you’ll be trained to conduct Rapid Monitoring Surveyss by GBRMPA and Wild Mob.

The information you’ll  then collect with Wild Mob on the trip gives Marine Park managers and researchers up-to-date data on reef health status and trends, species distribution. This data goes on to inform management plans for future protection.

You’ll also be on the lookout for the early warnings of environmental impacts like coral bleaching or crown of thrown starfish outbreaks. It’s a unique chance to make a real, measurable contribution to reef preservation.

Ready for a holiday that matters?

Join us for a trip this summer!

You’ll spend half your days conducting research, and the other half relaxing, exploring and soaking up the stunning island surrounds.

Wild Mob - Eye on the Great Barrier Reef
Wild Mob volunteers snorkelling up a storm in the GBR islands.

You’ll also camp on tropical white sand beaches, enjoy the company of like-minded people and learn stacks along the way.

January and February are also peak months for nesting and hatching sea turtles, as well as for seeing migratory shorebirds and bush birds from Cape York, Torres Strait and New Guinea. Now THAT’s a holiday worth having!

Find out more about each trip below. We hope to see you there!

Learn a bit more about the program below. We’ll see you (and your eyes) on the reef!

Wild Mob - Volunteer
Wild Mob - Donate
Wild Mob - Subscribe

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