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Not sure what to expect on your next Wild Mob trip?

Here’s one our amazing volunteers Sarah who joined us in the Great Barrier Reef with the lowdown on the work, the play and why you should always pack your dictionary.


A friend of mine first told me about Wild Mob, about all the wonderful creatures and sights that she saw, and how much she learnt about conservation (and stand up paddle boarding!). Really from there, I was sold.

I knew that I wanted to do something to help the marine life and delicate ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef. And that a Wild Mob trip would give me a chance to do that.

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef volunteer storyTangible and constructive

We spent each day marvelling at the animals we saw, from birds, to turtles, to whales. And we realised that all of those animals and many more are directly impacted by the horrific build-up of plastic on beaches and in our oceans.

So, I really liked doing something so tangible and constructive to help the animals by clearing marine debris from the islands we stayed on. That was definitely my favourite type of work during the week!

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef volunteer story

Conservation and culture

We learnt so many interesting things on the trip, but one thing that stood out was the history of the Indigenous peoples that lived on the islands we visited.

So far from the mainland, and without any mammals to eat, I couldn’t fathom the idea that people could ever survive there. But they did.

We learnt about their culture, how they made boats to travel between islands, and the names that they gave the birds and turtles that sustained them.  We also learnt the story of why they no longer live on the island…

Turtle troubles

The highlight of the trip was also one of the saddest moments. We found a beautiful Green Turtle washed up on the beach distressed, tired, and giving up on life. It was heart-breaking.

But with the help of the crew, we were able to work out what was wrong with the turtle, submit that data to the relevant authorities, and help the turtle back into the ocean. We watched him go, and thankfully he swam away, never to be seen on the beach again.

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef volunteer story

Pack your dictionary!

If you’re thinking about a Wild Mob adventure, my advice would be to just do it! Pack a dictionary (all fun maritime games involve a dictionary), and prepare to embrace a week of saltwater showers!

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