Calling all turtle lovers! We need your help!

Wild Mob is teaming up with the Department of Environment Heritage Protection to conduct vital marine turtle research in the Great Barrier Reef Islands.

We’ll be heading out for a week at the end of November, smack bang in peak nesting season. And we need some enthusiastic adventurers to join us!

Why marine turtles?

6 of the world’s 7 species of marine turtles inhabit Australian waters. This includes the flat-back turtle, which occurs nowhere else in the world!

Throughout their life cycle, turtles are subjected to numerous threats. This includes illegal hunting, poor water quality, entanglement in marine debris and ingestion of plastic bags (which the turtles mistake for jelly fish).

Nesting beaches also suffer pollution, as well as erosion and increased temperatures due to climate change. This has a profound impact on the turtles’ ability to nest effectively.

As a result of these impacts, almost all marine turtle species are endangered or critically-endangered.

Wild Mob - Turtle Research

What will we be doing?

Wild Mob Project Leaders are authorised to undertake turtle research in partnership with the EHP’s Turtle Conservation Program. This includes:

Monitoring turtles to confirm successful or unsuccessful nesting
Measuring and tag nesting turtles
Recording data from previously tagged turtles
Producing reports for EHP
Relocating at risk nests

Research like this is vital to the ongoing survival of marine turtles, providing researchers and authorities with up-to-date information on turtle populations trends.

It informs future management and protection plans for these incredible creatures, to ensure they’re not lost forever.

Nest relocation

Changes on nesting beaches due to rising sea levels and erosion means that turtles sometimes lay eggs in locations that are likely to be inundated by high tides, killing the eggs.

In these circumstances, providing it is done very soon after the eggs are laid, the nests can be relocated to a higher site to help ensure survival of the hatchlings. This is a very positive action we can take to assist in increasing populations of marine turtles.

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef Conservation

One ‘shell’ of a trip!

Keen to join us on this amazing adventure as a volunteer? Be warned, this project is not for the fainthearted!

As turtles nest at night, most work will take place between 7pm and 1am. Days will be dedicated to catching up on sleep, as well as bush rehabilitation and marine debris clean up.

You WILL be camping on tropical white sand beaches, explore spectacular marine ecosystems, enjoy the company of like-minded people and learn stacks along the way.

Sounds good? Read more about the trip and secure your spot here!

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