The final week wrap up on Gloucester Island

By June 4, 2015 June 24th, 2015 Great Barrier Reef Islands

Spending three weeks on an island in the tropics it’s always hard to leave. But, after three weeks of habitat restoration by 28 volunteers and Bill, Amanda and myself, Gloucester is in better shape than when we first arrived.

The island is beautiful with towering hills to 585m and golden beaches, some fringed with coral reef which we snorkelled. There are great sections of beach scrub and melaleuca forest. Being so close to the mainland we were treated to many species of birds with daily fishing and fighting maneuvers by the raptors a highlight for me.

Over the three weeks, we managed to clear 51 hectares of Rubber Vine. This area also included removal of Pink Periwinkle and some Lantana. There are some sections of Rubber Vine to the north of Bona Bay and Squally Bay that need to be targeted on future visits. We went on a hike to Breakfast Bay and discovered a huge patch of Pink Periwinkle that we could easily spend a week on alone. A warning on the dangers of garden escapees on native landscapes.

During the hike, we spotted an enthusiastic Echidna foraging on the beach and fore dune. Our motion sensor cameras captured fantastic video of the elusive and endangered Proserpine Rock Wallaby and a few funny videos of the local scrub turkeys.

A special thanks to Kelly, who found it hard to leave, deciding to do all three trips and she was a great help especially on the final project. On behalf of Amanda, Bill and myself, I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work and great company. We look forward to seeing you on another WildMob adventure soon!

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