That time the trip to St Bees became the trip to Brampton Island

By June 17, 2015 June 24th, 2015 Great Barrier Reef Islands

Due to the possibility of a planned burn while on St Bees, we decided to move the destination of the project to the beautiful Brampton Island for habitat restoration.

Through some challenging, tent pole-breaking weather, the group was able to remove 51 large bags of invasive pink periwinkle, snake weed and cobblers peg from the area around the campsite at Western Bay.

It’s great to see the progression of the bush scrub in this area, with the height of the canopy increasing and the shade it provides making our weeding area less on each project. We were also able to remove flood debris from the boardwalk on the circuit track. This will help preserve walking track infrastructure that makes Brampton so accessible for nature lovers.

We managed to put the walking tracks to great use over the week, while heading over to the Jetty we armed some motion sensor cameras along the way. The activity was minimal, but the cameras collected an Orange Footed Scrub Fowl which we heard calling throughout the project.

Another day had us circumnavigating the island and having lunch at the lookout that rewarded us with spectacular views. On this walk, we collected four bags of marine debris at Dinghy Bay. During a low tide, we ventured out to the nearby reef and investigated the organisms that inhabit this critical ecosystem. We were rewarded by various different corals, sponges, crabs, clams and even a three –flippered green turtle caught out by the tide.

Thanks again everyone for all your efforts throughout the project!

St Bees, we will be back!

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