Teaming up with St George School at Wollemi

By May 8, 2014 August 24th, 2017 Education, New South Wales

In the week before Easter the Wild Mob team were out in the field again. This time in the Wollemi area in western NSW. This camp was the second year in a row for the St George Girls High School, The camp is a Duke of Ed Residential and was fully booked with 20 year 11 & 12 students. The girls met the team at the Lithgow train station and jumped in 2 Troopys and a station wagon for the 1 hour ride to Olinda where we would make base in the community hall. Over the next five days the girls will continue the work that the school started last year and explore the Wollemi Nation Park.

The main work for the girls was to continue the removal of invasive weeds (mainly Blackberry) from the banks of the Cudgegong River. We had to search far and wide this year to find some weeds which shows the dedication of groups before them, the girls also showed the same determination in removing the weeds.

Teaming up with St George School at Wollemi 1There was also a side trip up Rams Head Mountain situated behind the hall, from the top of the rocks the view looks south towards Glen Davis and East into the Wollemi. This is a challenging walk and allows the girls teamwork to shine helping the less sure footed to scramble up the rocks and fallen trees. All are rewarded with the view from the top.

The day spent in the Wollemi NP at Dunns Swamp was beautiful weather for walking and kayaking and the most was made. A walk around the Swamp in the morning, a swim and lunch on the banks then a kayak in the afternoon to complete the journey and a full day. The students really enjoyed being able to see the swamp from two perspectives.

Every night around the hall we had a bonfire and on the last night we held a damper off. The girls had to plan their breads and we collected ingredients while we spent an afternoon in Rylstone. Both dampers were fantastic and this will become a regular occurrence for the school. Once again all had a fantastic time. Huge thanks must go to their teacher Diane Duffy for being so enthusiastic about the environment and passing that onto the students and making this camp bigger every year. Also keep and eye on the science magazine Cosmos as we are hoping to have a photo in a future issue.

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