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If there’s one thing we love to do here at Wild Mob (aside from save threatened species and their habitats), it’s to inspire the next generation to take up the conservation challenges being left for them.

Our Classroom Programs get kids out to our conservation sites and doing the work, so they can form a fresh perspective of our natural environment. And learn how important it is to take care of it!

But don’t just take it from us! Here’s student volunteer Summah with her experience on Brampton Island. And how it’s helped her to find a new and exciting life path!


I decided to come on a Wild Mob trip because I’m really interested learning more about the devastating effects we have on the environment. And all the ways we can help reverse them, whether it be small or big.

I spent a week on Brampton Island with my school, learning about marine ecosystems from the Wild Mob team and contributing to Wild Mob’s conservation work on the island.

Wild Mob - Summah testimonial

It was really inspiring when we removed the majority of the weeds on a part of Brampton, making a large impact on the growth of native plants as well as being able to eventually provide more homes for animals too.

I loved snorkelling off Brampton Island and learning about all the marine life in and around the reef. Swimming in the crystal-clear waters and learning about a whole new world underwater was a real highlight!

Wild Mob - Summah testimonial

One of the most interesting things we did in my eyes was the bush walk, learning about how the indigenous people survived off the land thousands of years ago. That was really eye opening, and something I had never thought about before.

To anybody hesitating about going on one of these trips, Wild Mob is a great group of people who make everything entertaining, enjoyable and informative.

Wild Mob - Summah testimonial

I wouldn’t think twice about going on another trip; it opened up my eyes to so many new things! I tried lots of new things I wouldn’t normally want to try, and learnt heaps along the way.

The trip has really confirmed for me what I want to do once I finish school. I want to continue my marine science studies at university once I graduate and continue to make a difference to the world around me. Thank you Wild Mob for helping me find this path!

Wild Mob - Summah testimonial

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