Success on our first Norfolk Island Conservation Project

By November 18, 2014 June 22nd, 2016 Norfolk Island

Success on the first Norfolk Island Conservation Project!! 2At the start of November we held our first conservation trip to Norfolk Island. Eight volunteers attended the trip and they could not have been better ambassadors for Wild Mob on the inaugural trip.

The project began with just the Sydney siders as the Brisbane flight was due the next day. It was a quiet morning building 60 Rat baiting stations for the trial bait fence and tracking stations which will eventually be  expanded throughout the island down the track.

Success on the first Norfolk Island Conservation Project!! 3When the whole group got together after the arrival of those flying in from Brisbane the hard work was to begin! The morning was spent out at Ken and Marg Christians block where we helped in their restoration project on their land where the bait fence will be trialled.  The team cleared the area of coral berry that birds and cattle have spread around. We were rewarded in the form of some gorgeous fruit fresh off the tree in the orchard on our way out, and of course the traditional Norfolk Sunday lunch at Ken and Marg’s where we all ate too much wonderful food. We got an opportunity to walk off all the food with an afternoon spent in the National Park.

Most other mornings the team spent time at the Nursery where we potted 680 plants and weeded 1200!! It was a huge job and greatly appreciated buy the staff who struggle to find time to keep up.

Some much needed rain meant that we weren’t able to access our work site in the National Park, but it soon cleared and we were able to return and we got stuck into removing and ring barking Sherry Guava. The team put in an amazing effort and we were all feeling the effects the next day. On the final day we headed out again to continue the fight against the Cherry Guava this time at Duncan and Molly’s 23 acre property that they are putting a lot of work into rehabilitating the area.

Success on the first Norfolk Island Conservation Project!! 1In the down time the volunteers got the chance to do some Norfolk Island shopping, get in some swimming, walking and also got to experience the cultural heritage that the island has to offer. One of the most enjoyable moments was when we all got together for a fantastic dinner of fresh fish purchased straight of the boat at Cascade pier.

Everyone put in so much effort, worked extremely hard and helped us get the job done!!! The Norfolk Islanders eventook the opportunity to come and have a chat and thank the team for all their hard work while were lunching and passing us in the street on our last day. Everyone should be extremely proud of their work and you were all excellent ambassadors for Wild Mob!!

We are heading back to Norfolk Island again at the end of January and if you would like to join us and help us keep up the good work you can book your spot now. Or if you would like to register your interest or if you have any questions send Renee an email.


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  • Maureen Tottenham says:

    This was a fantastic rewarding amazing experience as I was one of the lucky volunteers that worked hard on Norfolk Island for the Wilmob Inaugural trip. Thanks to Derek and Amanda for coordinating the trip for us. This is my second Wildmob project trip and it won’t be my last. When choosing my holidays I need to choose a holiday for a purpose and that is what the Wildmob Projects trips do, you see a new place, help conservation, you are helping the local community and you get satisfaction from what you have done. I would recommend a Wildmob trip to anyone who wanted to give to conservation and are prepared to get your hands dirty. Well done to the WildMob for choosing Norfolk Island as one of their projects.

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