St Bees reflection on all our mobsters hard work….

By May 5, 2015 May 28th, 2015 Great Barrier Reef Islands

St Bees Island had been my first as Project Leader in the Cumberland Island group. I have been lucky enough to see the progression of the beach scrub rehabilitation and meet a fantastic variety of interesting personalities.

Thanks to another group of Wild Mob volunteers in April, we have now nearly removed all lantana from the beach dune. This included removal of some prickly pear and snakeweed to re-establish the area. We were able to remove a 4000m2 area of weeds east of the St Bees N.P. sign to nearly complete the beach dune and beyond to the western end of the beach. The local Swamp Wallabies enjoyed the groups weeding efforts and were surprisingly tame enabling everyone great photo opportunities.

Unfortunately, no Koalas that are usually vocal on the island were observed on hikes up to Eagle Rock or over to Penny Bay. The abundant amounts of Blue Tiger Butterflies were a sight to see, covering the camp site and nearly calling for a change of the island’s name. Leisure time was had snorkeling and cooling off in Turtle Bay. Observing the diversity of fish and some green turtles with near perfect weather for our six days.

From Bill and I thanks for all your hard work and Wild Mob look forward to seeing you again soon!

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