Nyanda Biology Excursion at Lamington August 2013

By September 2, 2013 August 24th, 2017 Education, Great Barrier Reef Islands

In August 2013, a group of Year 12 biology students from Nyanda State High joined Wild Mob for an excursion to Lamington NP to conduct some water quality experiments. The students collected samples from a pristine rainforest environment and compared the nutrient levels with those taken downstream from the lodge, campsite and day visitor area at Green Mountains.

After arriving mid-morning and setting up camp, the group launched into its work on Moran’s Creek. Aside from the water testing, the group were kept busy with related activities such as identifying the plants in transects adjacent to the creek, attempting to identify the aquatic life present and setting infrared cameras to ascertain what nocturnal life visited the site. After the sampling was complete, some of the group started the analysis while the rest joined Tim in searching for a suitable downstream location for the comparative testing the following day. The latter proved to be a memorable exercise, not only for the rugged terrain encountered, but also for Tim’s ‘shortcut’ back to the road through a large patch of stinging nettles! This was followed by a visit to a glow-worm colony, then a delicious chicken stir fry for dinner, with head chef Maria calling the shots!

After an early rise the following morning to see some of Lamington’s spectacular birdlife, the group packed up camp and headed back to the testing site. Interestingly, the data at the second site showed higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. After the work was complete, it was then time for a bit of fun in the form of a 160-metre flying fox. Everyone had a great time, although Alex had a slightly closer look at the pole at the end than she would have liked! After that, it was time for a quick bite of lunch before jumping in the bus and heading back for Nyanda. While only brief, the camp was a great success, blending valuable in-the-field scientific data recording with enjoying all the beauty and fun of one Queensland’s most beautiful national parks. We hope to do it all again next year!

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