Nudgee College Year 10 Environmental Emersion at Moreton Island

By August 25, 2013 August 24th, 2017 Great Barrier Reef Islands

At the start of August a group of 17 year ten students and two teachers from Nudgee College joined Wild Mob on Moreton Island for four days of learning and caring for the environment.

Moreton Island is a new project for Wild Mob and with the picture perfect weather the week was fantastic. The environmental work included collecting and recording the amount and types of marine debris found on the island. The work continued with the removal of invasive species from an area specified by National Parks. Wild Mob is now responsible for an area of Moreton Island just north of the Comboyuro Point campground. This area is important as it is the area where invasive plant species have reached. The north end of the campground is the line where to the south there are invasive species and to the north the island is largely weed free. Wild Mob is focusing on three species that have their northern limit in the campground.

The Nudgee group pulled 250kg of weeds and cleaned 70kg of rubbish from around the campground. The CSIRO marine debris survey saw 60kg of plastic removed from the north end of eastern beach.

After all the hard work there was some fun to be had. We all enjoyed the walk up Mount Tempest, at 280m Tempest is the largest sand hill in the world located on one of the largest sand islands in the world. On the way back to camp we stopped to have a very refreshing swim at the Blue Lagoon. Another very exciting activity was the dune boarding in the desert. The desert is a 20m high dune that you can lie on your tummy on a thin piece of waxed Masonite and slide down the dune at exhilarating speeds.

Being whale migration season we chose a day with fantastic weather and light winds to go up to cape Moreton. This is a perfect area to watch the whales splashing around in the shallows. While up there we saw over a dozen whales, many large sharks, and over 20 turtles and even a large Manta ray was spotted.  In the down time the students went swimming with the dolphins at Comby point, played touch footy on the beach, went bird watching and help set up infrared cameras.

All in all it was a fantastic week on Moreton Island. The rangers were very pleased with the work we had done and asked when we would be back again. Thanks goes to all the students and teachers for their hard work.

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