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Introducing the cutest wallaby in Australia: the Bridled Nailtail.

Over the past few years, Wild Mob has been working hard to save these critically-endangered wallabies, whose numbers dwindled to around 300 individuals in the past century.

The major issue? Feral cats wipe out almost half of all baby Nailtails born in the wild. They are just too small to defend themselves!

Wild Mob - Nailtail Nursery

Which is where Wild Mob’s Nailtail Nursery at Avocet Nature Refuge comes in.

Nursing Nailtails

Our Nailtail Nursery is an entirely new approach to endangered species management in Australia.

The 9-hectare area protects baby wallabies until they’re big enough to defend themselves against predators. They’re then released back into the main refuge to thrive and breed.

Wild Mob - Nailtail Nursery

It’s a simple, manageable and effective means to boost Nailtail population numbers at the refuge, and has already helped to bring these little guys back from the brink of extinction. (You can read more about the project here.)

Nursery upkeep

Like all man-made structures, our nursery requires a little annual maintenance to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. And the baby Nailtails continue to thrive.

Wild Mob is heading out to Avocet Nature Refuge (around 40 minutes south of Emerald in Central Queensland) mid-November. And we need a few enthusiastic adventurers to come along with us!

This is your chance to contribute to a pioneering initiative to save a critically-endangered native species, work alongside experts in the field and learn stacks along the way.

And depending on what kind of work Avocet’s researchers are conducting during the week, there might also be opportunity to get up close and personal with breeding wallabies and their joeys!

The trip runs from 13–17 November 2017. Keen to join us? Find out more and secure your spot here.

Wild Mob - Nailtail Nursery

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