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Last month, the Wild Mob team and a few amazing volunteers headed out to Avocet Nature Refuge in central Queensland.

We were there to undertake some much-needed maintenance and monitoring work at our Nailtail Wallaby Nursery (you can read more about the project here).

Here’s volunteer Sue with a rundown on the trip (and why you should DEFINITELY come next time).


Thank you so much to Wild Mob for giving me the opportunity to spend time in the wonderful Australian bush.

This was my second Wallaby Experience at Avocet, and certainly didn’t disappoint.

The work

The days were filled with learning about how much maintenance on the fence is required to ensure the safety of the wallabies… no feral cats or dogs getting in THAT enclosure after thousands of c-clips were inserted along the bottom of the fence line!

Early morning walks were magic, seeing mobs of grey kangaroos hopping by, almost saluting us as they passed! The Wallaroos, both white and dark, were there as well.

The weather was perfect. Mother Nature turned on her air-conditioning in the evenings so sleeping in the tents was cool and comfortable.

Wild Mob - Wallaby conservationUp close and personal

But the most magical time was with the Nailtails themselves, of course.

We were able to see most of the lifecycle of the little critters as each joey seemed to be just a bit more developed than the last one.

The tiniest “poucher” we saw was only the size of a jelly bean, and helping Nailtail researcher Aly to put tracking collars on some of the larger males was fascinating.

I must admit, my heart strings were tugged each time we watched the little critters hop back into the bush, often with a backward look to say “see you next time when I’m bigger!”.

I can’t wait to go back!

Thank you again to Wild Mob for providing an experience like no other… how many people can say they put their fingers inside a wallaby’s pouch!?

I can’t wait to go back to learn what happened to them on the next adventure at Avocet!

Keen to join us?

We have a few Nailtail Nursery trips coming up next year. Find out more here!

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  • Kay Hodgson says:

    I’m interested in you putting me on your email list. I’ve been looking at the WILDMOB sign on the compound gate at the Mackay Marina every time I go to my yacht in X row at the ramp closest to the old yacht club.

    Your work certainly interests me.

    Kind regards

    Kay Hodgson

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