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One of the best things about working with Wild Mob is the amazing feedback we get from our incredible volunteers.

We love learning about what they got out of their adventure, what they learnt, and what has stuck with them. And we reckon you might as well! Here’s return volunteer Maddi with a recount of her recent trip to Brampton Island.


Wild Mob - Maddi Testimonial

I was told about Wild Mob during my year 11 studies in marine science at Sarina State High School. The conservation work they do around the Mackay region really interested me.

I have since completed two trips to Brampton island with Wild Mob to further my understanding of what they do, in and out of the water, and will be heading out again in January!

Wild Mob - Maddi Testimonial

For me, the most enjoyable part about the conservation work on these trips has been seeing the huge difference we’ve made by reducing the weeds introduced to the foreshore.

The weed control is clearly having a huge impact on these ecosystems. Our work gives the native plants a chance to revegetate and create a denser foreshore more species habitats. It’s so amazing to watch the difference being made!

Wild Mob trips are also a chance to learn so many new things. One of the most fascinating parts of this trip was a walk with our Project Leader Derek, where we learnt all about the native flora on the Island.

Wild Mob - Maddi Testimonial

There’s also time for plenty of fun! One of the highlights of my trip would have to be snorkelling under the guidance of Skipper Steve, and learning from his wealth of knowledge about coral and fish life on the reef.

Wild Mob - Maddi Testimonial

To anyone that cares about conserving these beautiful parts of the world, I strongly recommend organising a trip with Wild Mob. Get wild, do things that matter!

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