If you’ve gotten to know the places we work, you might have asked yourself the question: Why is Wild Mob so obsessed with islands?

Trust us, there’s method to our Island Madness. And it’s not just because Islands are particularly spectacular.

Here’s why island conservation is crucial, efficient and most importantly, effective.


Islands make up 40% of Aussie coastlines

Despite them being just more than 1% of Australia’s landmass.

This means they contain a huge percentage of Australia’s iconic coastal landscapes and ecosystems. Much of which has been lost to residential and public development on the mainland.

Islands support more than 30% of Australia’s threatened species

Native plants and animals who are listed under the Commonwealth’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. That’s an enormous number for such a small amount of land!

The Cumberland Islands in the Great Barrier Reef, for example, contain a whole heap of valuable areas of critically-endangered littoral (beach) rainforest. Which is why weed control in these areas is such a high priority for us.

(Check out our other key projects in the Great Barrier Reef.)

Island management is efficient

Importantly, we can undertake management actions on islands that are simply impossible on the mainland. Things like such as total pest or weed eradication.

We can also effectively stop new pests arriving on islands by adopting sound biosecurity arrangements. And these efforts are becoming cheaper, easier and more commonplace.

Working small, achieving big

This is where our amazing volunteers come in! By undertaking targeted, on-the-ground conservation work on islands, we can effectively and efficiently protect of some of our most threatened species and ecosystems.

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