The Challenge

Venture on paths less travelled to island treasures

Can you imagine a world without birds, think on that for a moment…….

The Wild Mob team are sailors, divers, ocean wanderers and explorers. For us the thought of the ocean, the water front and beaches, without wheeling, diving seabirds, piping and calling is too terrible to contemplate. But yet that is the predicament we face unless sea bird conservation efforts are not dramatically improved. Wild Mob already contributes to sea bird conservation in two internationally important sea bird areas, the Great Barrier Reef and Norfolk Island.

Now we have another opportunity within the majestic Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. But our work isn’t just about seabirds, but also about remarkable islands including the Noises, managed by our good friends from the Noises Islands Family Trust. These are critical refuges for endangered species and ecosystems such as the iconic pohutakawa forest, 90% of which has been lost. This is also being threatened by weeds whose seeds are blown to the Noises islands from some adjacent islands.

What are we doing?

Wildmob is working side by side with the Noises Islands Family Trust, and local conservationists on Rakino Island, to remove weeds and their spread amongst Rakino and the Noises Islands, and to stop weeds from choking internationally important seabird breeding areas such as Maria Island. We are also working to document marine habitats around the Noises Islands, particularly around Otata and Motuhoropapa Islands to support planning for new marine protected areas.

What can you do?

We’ve got some incredible work happening on these islands. Come on a Wild Mob expedition and get to see the Noises for yourself. We will be based on beautiful Rakino Island in a amazing island home, venturing out into the forest, or other islands in the gulf each day, doing things that matter.

Other ways to help out?

There are some really terrific opportunities to conserve the Hauraki Gulf and its islands, but it takes resources. Don’t have the time to volunteer? Consider helping us out with a donation. Because our overheads (little as they are!!) are already covered, every single cent of every donation can go directly to on-ground conservation work.

Of course, critically important is getting the message out, the world needs to know what wonderful opportunities are possible for the Hauraki Gulf and its islands. Let your friends, colleauges and community know all about it, help us build an army of champions for our beautiful islands.


The Hauraki Gulf lies off Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand. The Noises Islands are managed by the Noises Island Family Trust. The Neureuter family are absolutely passionate about the conservation of these unique islands into the future.

The Hauraki Gulf, known by many as Tikapa Moana and by others as Te Moananui ā Toi, is rightly recognised as a national taonga.

Mana whenua, central and local government, local communities and interest groups have all been working together to create Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari, a marine spatial plan designed to safeguard this treasure.

You can find more information about the Hauraki Gulf here



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