The first open Duke of Edinburgh project at Wollemi, January 2014

By February 3, 2014 August 24th, 2017 Education, New South Wales

To start the year in the Wollemi, Wild Mob held our first ‘open to everyone’ gold Duke of Edinburgh residential camp. Ten year 12 students attended from as far away and Cairns and one student flying in from Japan on the first day and his father drove him out to the Hall at Olinda. When everyone was finally together we got to work.

On the agenda was some walking around the Wollemi National Park in the Dunns Swamp area with a kayaking adventure around the swamp. There was also some work to do around the Community hall where we were staying. We had to fix some electric fences that boarded the road so that stock could be let back into the area. There were potty calves and weaners to be fed which was quite an excitement for some city kids. The hall had to be cleaned and the grounds weeded. The students also weeded around the banks of the Cudgegong River to stop the weeds from traveling further down stream.

Infrared cameras were set each night to try to monitor the feral cat and dog activity in the area and. No feral animals were caught on camera but there was a few shots of wombat backsides and also a few shots of one of the local farmers Jack Russell’s investigating wombat holes.  There were wild dog tracks found but none came back the night we had the cameras there. A trip into town was the final errand on the last day and the local Lolly shop made its profit for the year in one day.

The next day all-full of sugar it was time to take the participants back to their parents. With the trailer and the troopy full we headed back to Lithgow hoping that no one would get car sick like on the trip to Olinda, although that was blamed on Phil’s driving.

None of this would be possible without the backing of the local community of Olinda, allowing us to stay in the hall and help them with work around the properties. Thanks goes to all the participants for their help and for everyone getting along so well when they had never met at the start of the week.

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