The best learning is through experience

Our Norfolk Island education program connects Aussie students with a culturally and ecologically significant environment. It gets kids out to actual conservation sites within one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world.

The program is based around a 6-day field trip to Norfolk Island. Norfolk lies 1500km east of Brisbane and about 800km north of New Zealand. We work with teachers from each school to tailor content to the learning objectives of each participating class.

During their time exploring Norfolk Island’s stunning landscape and rich cultural history, students can learn first-hand the principles of environmental sustainability and form a deep, long-lasting connection to a new and different place.

Norfolk’s natural resources are limited and carefully fostered. Students have the opportunity to visit and sometimes work on small market produce gardens, visit the waste management station, meteorology station, water supply and hear from local people about island governance.

In addition, students can be involved in hands on conservation work including bushland restoration, removal of marine debris, revegetation and introduced predator control.

Most importantly, many students begin a lifelong journey caring for, protecting and enjoying our island ecosystems.

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