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Want to be a Marine Biologist? Your journey starts here. This UTAS practical course is designed to engage, challenge, excite and inspire you through an experiential and hands-on marine science program.

This unit will introduce you to concepts of ecological theory and practice, allowing you to apply marine biology theories, techniques and sampling methods during a practical field investigation of species diversity within temperate intertidal communities.

The course places emphasis on extending your understanding of practical techniques used in studying marine biology, with the aim of enhancing your ability to design, collect and interpret biological data. It will encourage you to explore issues threatening biodiversity as well as the productivity of the marine system.

As a full unit offering within the University of Tasmania, students who successfully complete this unit will gain 12.5 credit points in a Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Studies or Bachelor of General Studies. This unit will also contribute to your TE/ATAR score.

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The course is offered to high school and university students Australia-wide. Learn more about the course.

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