The best learning is through experience

Our Mackay Marine Classroom Programs connect Aussie students with their coastal environments and islands. It gets kids out to actual conservation sites, where they can develop the understanding, knowledge and practical skills to help protect our most unique and beautiful places.

We work with teachers from each school to tailor content to the learning objectives of each participating class. Students start their learning in the classroom, then move on to explore their local beaches. The program culminates with a 4-day field trip to Brampton Island in the Great Barrier Reef.

During their time exploring the land and water, students can learn first-hand the challenges and rewards of conservation ecology. And form a deep, long-lasting connection to the natural world.

Most importantly, many students begin a lifelong journey caring for, protecting and enjoying our island ecosystems.


Support Mackay Marine Classrooms

Our priority from the start was to make sure the the Mackay Marine Classrooms program was accessible. This means finding funding to subsidise the costs to schools, students and families involved.

Any donations help us continue to run the program and ultimately give more kids this incredible experience. Donate what you can here. Donate now.

Are you a student, teacher or alumni who thinks their school could benefit from our education programs? We’d love to hear from you!

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