Donate what you can

We deeply appreciate whatever you can give to our efforts to save the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby. And so do the Nailtails!    

Wild Mob - Wallaby conservation

Buy some tracking tags

$50 can provide tracking tags essential to species monitoring at the refuge. This gives us insight into population numbers, to ensure our conservation efforts stay effective.

Protect baby Nailtails

$100 can buy essential maintenance equipment like wire and fencing to maintain our custom-built wallaby nursery at Avocet Nature Refuge. The nursery protects baby Nailtails from feral predators until they’re large enough to defend themselves.

Wild Mob - Nailtall Wallaby Conservation

Get a student to Avocet

Support our education program that gets university students out to Avocet to conduct vital species monitoring at the refuge. Not only does this program provide researchers and authorities with up-to-date data to inform future management plans, it provides students with a unique conservation-in-practice university course.