View of Norfolk Island

Donate what you can

We really appreciate whatever you can give to our efforts to restore Norfolk Island. And so do the Green Parrots!

Stop feral cats killing native birdlife

A feral cat can kill an entire green parrot family in one fell swoop. $80 will buy 1 cat trap to remove feral cats from green parrot nesting areas.  

Heal native forests

$100 will equip one volunteer with the tools needed to transform weed-infested areas back into forest habitat. This in turn supports the endangered birds that call these forests home.  

Wild Mob - Norfolk Island Conservation

Control rat populations

Rats devastate native ecosystems by eating the eggs, seeds and young of native species. $200 provides bait stations and enough bait to control rats on 10 hectares of native Norfolk forest for a year.

Protect baby seabirds

$500 will help us control invasive Argentine ant nests around key seabird breeding habitats. These sites support hundreds of thousands of masked boobies, terns and shearwaters every year.

Give a green parrot family a home

Green parrot numbers dwindled to just 10 confirmed females only 4 years ago. A key issue is a lack of safe nesting spots. $1000 will provide a specially-crafted green parrot nest hollow in the protected national park to help boost population numbers once more.