The rainfall is well and truly behind us and now at anchor off Thomas Island we have woken to the most incredible day……… as blue as imaginable, flat seas, birds calling from shore and the promise of more adventures today.

Yesterday we surveyed the north western bay at Thomas Island and unfortunately the invasive species Rhoea (otherwise know as Moses in the Cradle – an escaped garden ornamental) has run rampant in recent times. The expedition team has decided that we need some serious intervention here as soon as possible and so we will be scheduling some Wildmob expeditions back here for later this year. Keep an eye out on our website for the opportunity to visit this amazing island and “Do things that matter”

Our survey team is double checking a couple of other beaches to make sure they have remained weed free, then we are making passage to Scawfell Island for our overnight anchorage at Refuge Bay. After clearing the beach of marine debris, and removing any recently arrived weeds, we will be taking some rest and recreation – snorkelling amongst the bay’s coral gardens, and bush walking to a lookout vantage point before getting an early night. We will be leaving Scawfell island at first light on Thursday morning to travel to the very edge of the continental islands to Penrith Island, a highly significant marine turtles rookery and long standing Wildmob project site. Check back here soon and we’ll keep you posted.

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  • Geraldine Waldron says:

    Who would of thought that such an innocuous plant as the moses in a basket, could become an environmental pest?
    Great job wildmob. Would love to be part of a group sometime. Need to check out yr program to see if it fits in with any school holiday times!?

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