Why Nailtails?

Introducing the cutest wallaby in Australia: the Bridled Nailtail. These gorgeous creatures are named for two distinguishing characteristics, a white “bridle” line that runs around their shoulders, and a horny spur on the end of their tails.

In the last 100 years, Bridled Nailtail Wallaby populations have plummeted to only a few hundred individuals across Queensland – at Taunton National Park, Idalia National Park, Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary and Avocet Nature Refuge.

The major issue? Almost half of all baby Bridled Nailtails don’t make it to adulthood, primarily due to feral cats. They are simply too small to defend themselves.

Wild Mob - Nailtall Wallaby Conservation

What are we doing?

CONSERVATION: Wild Mob is pioneering a new approach to threatened species management to save the Bridled Nailtail. Our custom-built nursery within Avocet Nature Refuge protects juvenile wallabies until they’re big enough to defend themselves against predators.

CULTURE: We work with traditional landowners and conservationists to manage the nursery in the least invasive way possible.

COMMUNITY: We work directly with the Queensland government, a private landowner, Universities and the local Avocet community. We’re building an army of champions for the Nailtal to affect real and lasting change.

COMMERCE: We provide opportunities for students and volunteers to visit Avocet and help manage the nursery, seeing for themselves this unique and beautiful creature. Every volunteer provides more resources to drive Bridled Nailtail Wallaby conservation.

Key projects

Wild Mob - Nailtall Wallaby Conservation

Nailtail nursery

Our 9-hectare nursery in Avocet Nature Refuge uses state-of-the-art monitoring technologies to ensure efficient, hands-off management for young Nailtails.

Mums are housed in the nursery until their babies are fully weened and independent. The young Nailtails are then housed until they weigh more than 3kgs (outside predator range). They are then released back into the main refuge to thrive and breed.

Wild Mob - Nailtall Wallaby Conservation

Feral animal monitoring and control

Feral cats and other predators can still devastate smaller Nailtails outside the protected area. Controlling these feral populations allows the Nailtail to re-establish numbers in new locations.

Important to this project is research into predator behaviour and habitat use, to better inform control strategies.

Wild Mob - Nailtall Wallaby Conservation

Nailtail monitoring

We work with University PhD candidates based at Avocet to carry out vital species monitoring at the refuge.

Not only does this program provide organisations and authorities with up-to-date data to inform future management plans, it provides students with on-the-ground experience in conservation biology.


Get involved

VOLUNTEER: Take a holiday that matters. Join the Wild Mob team on one of our Bridled Nailtail Wallaby conservation trips. It’s a unique chance to be directly involved in wallaby conservation efforts in the field. Programs run sporadically throughout the year.

DONATE: Because our overheads are already covered, every cent of every donation goes directly to on-ground Norfolk Island conservation work.

SPREAD THE WORD: Help us build our army of mobsters by sharing our story with your friends, family and local community.

Our partners in Nailtail Wallaby Conservation

Traditional owner acknowledgement

Wild Mob would respectfully like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners, their Elders past and present, as well as the important role Indigenous people continue to play on the Land where we carry out our conservation projects.

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