What is Island Arks?

Island Arks is an annual symposium bringing together the best and brightest in island conservation from around the world.

It’s a unique opportunity for organisations, island managers, researchers and conservationists to work together in island conservation initiatives. Learn more about Island Arks here.

What are we doing?

CONSERVATION: Wild Mob convenes the annual Island Arks Symposium in collaboration with Reef Catchments. This sparks innovative, sustainable and effective island conservation initiatives across the world.

CULTURE: Island Arks is held in a different location each year. It calls on experts to share local knowledge, culture and history, inspiring new and different ways of getting things done.

COMMUNITY: Island Arks brings the entire island conservation community together in one place. There, we can share knowledge, start new conservations and work together for change.

COMMERCE: Island Arks employs local people and business to help us run each event. This stimulates local economies and provides more resources to drive island conservation in the area.

Key projects

Wild Mob - Island Arks Island Conservation

Island Arks Symposium V

The next Island Arks Symposium will be held in Rottnest Island in 2019.


Visit the Island Arks website for more details.

Get involved

We are now open for submissions of abstracts from potential presenters. Visit the Island Arks website for more details.

Island Arks partners

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