Why Hauraki?

A jewel of New Zealand’s North Island, the Hauraki Gulf is known for its incredible natural beauty and unique biodiversity.

Hundreds of bird and fish species, dolphins and migrating whales call Hauraki home. The islands are critical nesting grounds for migrating seabirds and refuges for endangered species like the iconic Pohutakawa forest. Lean more about Hauraki here.

But with Auckland’s population set to double between 2010 and 2020, Hauraki’s exceptional island ecosystems become increasingly vulnerable.

Not happy to sit by and watch their Island ecosystem vanish, the Neureuter family, owners and custodians of Hauraki’s Noises Islands, teamed up with Wild Mob for a unique New Zealand-based conservation initiative.

What are we doing?

CONSERVATION: Wild Mob pioneers New Zealand conservation initiatives in the Hauraki Gulf to heal habitat for native species.

CULTURE: We work directly with the Noises Islands Trust, New Zealand conservationists and government bodies to coordinate sustainable initiatives that respect Hauraki’s rich culture.

COMMUNITY: We work with a global network of conservation organisations, authorities and volunteers. This builds an army of champions for Hauraki that can collectively affect real change.

COMMERCE: We provide opportunities for people to visit New Zealand and see for themselves this unique and beautiful place. Every visitor to the area helps stimulate the local economy, providing more resources to drive conservation.

Key projects

New Zealand Conservation

Bush rehabilitation

Invasive flora species such as mile-a-minute smother Hauraki’s native ecosystems, making it almost impossible for seabirds to raise their chicks.

Wild Mob conducts bush rehabilitation on The Noises and neighbouring Rakino islands, removing weeds and allowing native forests to heal.

New Zealand Conservation

Marine ecosystem monitoring

Monitoring provides researchers and governments with up-to-date data on the marine ecosystem health status and trends..

Wild Mob is working to document marine ecosystems around the Noises Islands to support planning and funding for new marine protected areas.

Get involved

VOLUNTEER: Take a holiday that matters. Join the Wild Mob team on one of our New Zealand conservation trips. It’s a unique chance to be directly involved in conservation efforts in the field, discover spectacular places and learn stacks along the way.

DONATE: Because our overheads are already covered, every cent of every donation goes directly to on-ground New Zealand conservation work.

SPREAD THE WORD: Help us build our army of mobsters by sharing our story with your friends, family and local community.

Our partners in New Zealand Conservation

New Zealand Conservation

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