What is the Great Forest National Park?

The Great Forest National Park proposal adds 355,000 hectares of forest to the existing 170,000 hectares of protected area in Victoria’s Central Highlands.

The Great Forest National Park will protect endangered species and ecosystems and provide clean water for Melbourne and its surrounding areas. It will also preserve places of spiritual nourishment for the land’s traditional owners and offer new opportunities for tourism in the area. Learn more about the plans here.

The spectacular mountain ash forests in this area are among the most carbon-dense on the planet. Their rapid growth and relatively slow rates of decay allow them to absorb excess carbon, making them a boon for climate change.

They’re also brimming with wildlife, including the critically endangered leadbeater’s or fairy possum. With logging still common in the area, the fairy possum’s habitat remains in fast decline. The Great Forest National Park offers a sanctuary for the fairy possum, as well as hundreds of other native flora and fauna species.

Wild Mob - Great Forest National Park

What are we doing?

CONSERVATION: Wild Mob supports Australian National University researchers in monitoring the fairy possum in the Great Forest National Park.

CULTURE: We support the proposal’s commitment to preserving traditional land and respecting the cultural history of the site.

COMMUNITY: We work with The Great Forest National Park and Australian National University teams, helping build an army of champions for change.

COMMERCE: We provide opportunities for people to visit the Great Forest National Park and see for themselves this unique and beautiful place. Every visitor to the area helps bolster the proposal and provides more resources for conservation efforts.

Key projects

Wild Mob - Great Forest National Park


A stagwatch is a method of surveying that involves watching hollow trees (stags) over an hour at dusk (fairy possum peak hour).

ANU have 200 Long Term Monitoring sites, each with hollow trees mapped and measured. Over summer, we stagwatch up to 50 sites. The data we collect helps to secure further protection for the fairy possum and their habitats.


Get involved

VOLUNTEER: Join us for an evening of fairy possum stagwatching in the Great Forest National Park guided by Australian National University researchers. A typical day sees volunteers leave Melbourne mid-afternoon to meet for a briefing in the park. Groups are then allocated a site to monitor for a few hours over dusk.

Programs run annually throughout December, January and February. Register your interest for the next round.

DONATE: Because our overheads are already covered, every cent of every donation goes directly to on-ground work at the Great Forest National Park.

SPREAD THE WORD: Help us build our army of mobsters by sharing our story with your friends, family and local community.

Our partners in Great Forest National Park conservation

Wild Mob - Great Forest National Park

Traditional owner acknowledgement

Wild Mob would respectfully like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners, their Elders past and present, as well as the important role Indigenous people continue to play on the Land where we carry out our conservation projects.

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