Why Great Barrier Reef Islands?

The critical importance of protecting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is little secret. But the Great Barrier Reef’s islands are not often recognised as a vital part of this ecosystem.

Many iconic reef species like marine turtles and seabirds simply wouldn’t survive without their island breeding grounds. Great Barrier Reef Island conservation is crucial to the long-term protection of these creatures and many other species within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

A key threat to the Great Barrier Reef islands is the marine debris that strangles or starves marine animals. They become entangled in plastic bags and netting, or mistake smaller debris for food and suffer a painful death.

Another significant issue is invasive weed species, which can wipe out entire island ecosystems and marine breeding sites.

Importantly, we can undertake holistic management actions on these islands (like total weed and pest eradication) that simply can’t be done on the mainland. We can also stop new pests arriving on islands by adopting sound biosecurity arrangements.

 What are we doing?

CONSERVATION: Wild Mob pioneers conservation initiatives on more than 50 Great Barrier Reef Islands to reduce predation, create new habitat for native species and monitor reef ecosystem health.

CULTURE: We work directly with traditional landowners, conservationists and government bodies to coordinate sustainable conservation initiatives that respect the islands’ culture and history.

COMMUNITY: We work with a global network of conservation organisations, authorities and volunteers, building an army of champions for the Great Barrier Reef conservation that can collectively affect real change.

COMMERCE: We provide opportunities for people to visit the Great Barrier Reef and see for themselves this unique and beautiful place. Every volunteer helps stimulate the local economy, providing more resources to drive conservation.

Key projects

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef island conservation

Bush rehabilitation

Invasive flora species like rhoeo, periwinkle and sisal smother native ecosystems, in particular the critically-endangered littoral rainforests.

Wild Mob conducts bush rehabilitation throughout the Great Barrier Reef Islands, removing weeds and allowing native bush to heal. Learn more about our commitment to biosecurity.

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef island conservation

Marine debris clean up

Marine debris such as plastic bags, netting and smaller plastic items can devastate marine turtle and seabird populations.

Wild Mob conducts extensive marine debris clean up on island foreshores. We report data back to the Australian marine debris data base Tangaroa Blue.

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef island conservation

Turtle resarch

Wild Mob works directly with the Department of Environmental Heritage Protection‘s Turtle Watch Program to conduct vital marine turtle research across key nesting sites in the GBR.

We measure and tag nesting marine turtles, record data from previously tagged turtles and relocate at risk nests.

Wild Mob - education programs

Marine life monitoring

Wild Mob works directly with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Coral Watch to conduct marine surveys around the Great Barrier Reef Islands.

The data we collect provides researchers and authorities with up-to-date information on reef health status and trends, species distribution, and early warnings of environmental impacts like coral bleaching or COTS outbreak.

Wild Mob - What we do

Mackay Marine Classrooms

The Marine Classroom education program connects Aussie students with their coastal environments and islands.

The program develops understanding, knowledge and practical skills to manage marine and coastal environments. Learn more…


Get involved

VOLUNTEER: Take a holiday that matters. Join the Wild Mob team on one of our Great Barrier Reef Island conservation trips. It’s a unique chance to be directly involved in conservation efforts in the field, discover spectacular places and learn stacks along the way.

DONATE: Because our overheads are already covered, every cent of every donation goes directly to on-ground Great Barrier Reef conservation work.

SPREAD THE WORD: Help us build our army of mobsters by sharing our story with your friends, family and local community.

Our partners in Great Barrier Reef Island conservation

Wild Mob - Great Barrier Reef island conservation

Traditional owner acknowledgement

Wild Mob would respectfully like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners, their Elders past and present, as well as the important role Indigenous people continue to play on the Land where we carry out our conservation projects.

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