Wild Mob works with the best and brightest on some of the most pressing conservation issues across Australia and the world.

Our science-led conservation programs help protect more than 90 threatened species in some of the world’s most unique and beautiful places.

Our major program areas range from Outback Queensland and the tropical islands of the Great Barrier Reef, to Norfolk Island and New Zealand. There we conduct bush restoration, pest and weed control, debris removal as well as research and recovery programs for threatened species.

Where we work

Wild Mob - Conservation programs
Wild Mob - Conservation Programs

Great Barrier Reef islands

Wild Mob works across more than 50 Great Barrier Reef islands, removing marine debris and controlling pests in key turtle breeding sites.

Wild Mob - Conservation Programs

Norfolk Island

Wild Mob coordinates weed removal, native plant reestablishment and pest control programs to help protect one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots.

Wild Mob - Conservation Programs

Hauraki Gulf Islands

Wild Mob is working with local landholders in New Zealand to restore seabird nesting sites and monitor marine habitats to support planning for new protected areas.

Wild Mob - Conservation Programs

Avocet Bridled Nailtail Wallaby Nursery

Wild Mob is pioneering an innovative new approach to threatened species management to save the cutest wallaby in Australia – the Bridled Nailtail.

Wild Mob - Conservation Programs

Great Forest National Park

Wild Mob supports Australian National University researchers in protecting Great Forest’s critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum.

Wild Mob - What we do

Practical education programs

Wild Mob provides education opportunities to schools, getting kids out to conservation sites to learn first hand the rewards and challenges of environmental ecology.

Wild Mob - Conservation Programs

Island Arks Symposium

Wild Mob is convenes the biennial Island Arks Symposium to facilitate global conservation collaborations for positive change to island ecosystems.

What our volunteers say

This was an amazing experience, getting to know more about nature, and gaining friendships. It was amazing to see how much more knowledge that I had gained about the environment, and how important it is to our community. Wild Mob is an amazing program that makes you become one with nature.


The Bridled Nailtail Wallaby Experience is something that I will never forget. The Wild Mob staff were incredibly patient with us, who had no experience with wallabies or even being in the bush. We all agreed that we learnt something new every day.


What a satisfying way to spend a week in paradise!


Working with Wild Mob was incredible! Being able to get real hands-on experience and learning how conservation works in the real world has been eye opening. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.


The work we were doing is going to have a real, valuable impact.