Clean Up Stradbroke Island with Reef Check 24th August 2013

By August 26, 2013 August 24th, 2017 Great Barrier Reef Islands
On Saturday (24/08/13) Wild Mob headed back over to Stradbroke Island with a great group of Volunteers from Griffith University and the University of Queensland and our industry partners Reef Check and Uni Dive, to continue or efforts to help protect the marine wildlife of Moreton Bay.
It was a great day with great success and so much wildlife! During the clean up a motherand calf humpback whale popped up right next to us as we were sorting the debris (very rare to see a whale this side of the bay).We were also visited by lots of Indo-pacific humpback dolphins ( mostly mother’s and their babies). At the end of the clean up we managed to find time to go to Point Lookout where we saw heaps more whales and dolphins as a well as a couple of green turtles!

Below are the results that we achieved for the day and you can also download the Data Collection Sheet.

Land Based Clean Up: 

533 Cigarette Butts (see photo attached)

99 Pieces of metal – 94 of which were mainly bottle caps (see photo attached)

244 Plastic packaging items from plastic straws, toothbrushes to food wrapping and several metres of fishing line (see photo attached)

80 paper pieces (see photo attached)

As well as the odd items including metal hair clips, teabags and insect coils 🙂

Marine Based Clean Up: 

Over 60kg of fishing items (lines, hooks and sinkers) Including 88 fishing hooks and 231 sinkers (See photo attached).

This was the result of just one hour if cleaning, along one small area of coastline on one small island – almost impossible to comprehend what we would find along the entire coastline of australia! The plastic pieces & fishing line can take 600 years to break down – and through out this time poses a deadly threat to our turtles, dolphins and whales. Within one hour of contact with water the toxic chemicals in cigarette butts start to leach into the environment, polluting our waterways from catchment to coast.  A stark reminder to us all how important it is full us to be more responsible with our waste and to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

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