The Challenge

Fiji lies in Oceania, which is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. Fiji consists of more than 300 islands; mostly volcanic, with about 100 being inhabited. Most of Fiji’s biodiversity is endemic. Fiji also has bio-diverse marine habitats, including estuaries, sea grass meadows, lagoons and coral reefs and the third largest area of mangrove within the Pacific Island region. However, much of this bio-diversity is threatened by a combination of over-fishing and exploitation, pollution through agricultural and industrial wastes, and invasive species. Tourism is a major contributor to Fiji’s economy and it also has the potential to drive conservation of biodiversity.

What are we doing?

In collaboration with our good friends at Reef Catchments. Wildmob is convening the 5th Island Arks Symposium to be held in Fiji during October 2017. The Island Arks Symposium has long had a glowing reputation for facilitating and growing conservation collaborations that result in positive change to island ecosystems. We are very much looking forward to bringing Island Arks alliance members to Fiji.

We are also working with partner organisations to develop opportunities for Wildmob volunteers to travel to Fiji and contribute to conservation of its amazing biodiversity, both on islands and within marine ecosystems. Check back here regularly for upcoming details. However, if you just can’t wait to get to Fiji, keep our good friends at Ocean Ambassadors and Moana Sailing Fiji in mind. The Ambassadors are a great example of conservation entrepreneurship – building business to drive positive conservation outcomes. Want to know more? Contact Derek.

Come along for a trip of a lifetime.

You’ll get to enjoy a spectacular Conservation Adventure, see amazing environments and creatures living there in a way no other tourist does and feel excellent about doing your little bit to keep islands protected for generations to come.

We’re working hard to restore habitat and save endangered species.
Whether it’s the fatback turtle, seabirds or koalas your donation will help us help them.

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