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Come to Mackay for your Wild Mob conservation trip. Stay in Mackay for the magical rainforests, tropical beaches and crystal clear lagoons!

Here are 5 reasons you might want to plan to stay a little longer in Wild Mob’s hometown, care of our mates at Mackay Region Tourism. Be warned, you might never want to leave!


1. Eungella National Park

With over 20 kilometres of bushwalking tracks, 860 plant species and a range of unique wildlife, there’s plenty to see and do in Australia’s longest stretch of sub-tropical rainforest.

And late September is the ultimate time to visit… for the Eungella Bird Week and Bushwalking Festival!

Packed with bird watching and bushwalking guided by local experts, presentations, workshops, exhibitions and markets, it’s the perfect chance to explore this magical part of Australia. And meet its vibrant community. (You can find out more about the 2017 festival here.)

Wild Mob - Eungella Bird Week and Bushwalking Festival

2. Heritage Walk

Discover more of The Mackay City Centre’s rich pioneering heritage and explore a collection of beautifully preserved buildings and art with the Heritage Walk. Guided tours run each Wednesday and Thursday from May to September and self-guided tours are available.

3. Finch Hatton Gorge

A wonderful landscape of waterfalls, fresh water, lush flora and volcanic boulders make Finch Hatton Gorge a must-see.

Wild Mob - Top Things to Do in The Mackay Region

4. Mackay’s Northern Beaches

If sun, sand and sensational ocean views are what you crave, the northern beaches of Mackay can offer all that and more. There are plenty of parks and playgrounds, while accommodation options by the beach are available. Visit Eimeo Hotel for lunch with a million-dollar view.

5. Cape Hillsborough National Park

Cape Hillsborough National Park has a variety of bushwalks and provides plenty of ways to explore this rugged and natural paradise.  A key highlight is sunrise on the beach with wallabies and kangaroos.

Wild Mob - Top Things to Do in The Mackay Region

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