For the past 10 years, Jodie has researched her own sound heritage and received a Churchill Fellowship to further her studies. She is consistently fascinated with the Norfolk Island soundscape and produced a CD album after two years of collecting field recordings; sounds of the white fairy terns nestling at dusk, black-winged petrels echoing the northernmost cliffs, rain patters on a tin roof, evening thunder, whistling and warbling of forest birds, gentle waves lapping the beach, tropic birds calling and the pulse of the ocean… A sonic compilation of acoustic ecology and the natural symphony of Norfolk.

Jodie believes that you protect what you love, and therefore by increasing awareness, by listening deeply and by paying attention to the sounds of nature, is a step towards activating our ‘heart’ to act and be involved with environmental conservation initiatives…. Do things that matter!

For Wildmob groups visiting the island, Jodie shares her local knowledge of her community and heritage. The ongoing Norfolk Island projects by Derek and Wildmob in support and protection of Norfolk Island’s unique ecosystem are greatly appreciated by the local community. By building community awareness of environmental practices and issues whilst sharing opportunities for locals to contribute and strengthen their traditional knowledge is invaluable.