After working many years in the private, public and NGO sectors, Derek knows that Wild Mob is the best future model for conservation management in Australia.  A focus on community forges unique collaborations between all three sectors and ensures that even when WildMob leaves a conservation project the community has the skills and tools necessary to carry on the work.

He is a member of the Commission for Ecosystem Management within the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and is also the Chair of the Island Arks Australia Alliance.

During his downtime, Derek can be found SCUBA diving, boating, ocean kayaking and travelling to global biodiversity hotspots to study their management systems.

Derek is particularly excited about the work that WildMob is doing in Norfolk Island because of its unique ecosystems and fantastic community.  Working with the community there he can see the enormous potential to demonstrate how environmental conservation can go hand in hand with building strong local economies.