Wild Mob is a not-for-profit organisation that gets volunteers to the coalface of environmental conservation. We empower everyday people to make a real, measurable difference to the world by taking them on adventures to actual conservation sites.

We know that while policy, strategies and advocacy all have important roles in conservation, nothing actually happens without hands on effort.

So we take a practical, on-the-ground approach to protecting our wildlife and their habitats. We rehabilitate endangered ecosystems through weed and pest control, secure endangered species through sensible recovery programs and remove debris from marine turtle and seabird nesting sites.

Our team is made up of scientists, ecologists, educators, adventurers and our amazing volunteers. We know the value of high-quality scientific research and don’t shy away from innovative conservation approaches. We pick projects of national and international significance where we know we can affect real change.

Our Achievements

Wild Mob - About Wild Mob
Wild Mob - About Wild Mob
Wild Mob - About Wild Mob
Wild Mob - About Wild Mob
Wild Mob - About Wild Mob
Wild Mob - About Wild Mob

Our Team

Dr Derek Ball

Chief Executive Officer

Derek grew up a long way from the coast in the dust of outback Australia. But a trip to the Great Barrier Reef when he was 6 fostered a love of the sea that would shape the rest of his life. Passionate with everything about the sea, he pursued a Bachelor Degree followed by a PhD in marine biology and zoology. Read more…

Steve Fisher

Operations Manager

Steve was born with saltwater in his blood. His father was a commercial fisherman and his mother ran a volunteer marine rescue base. He grew up in a little coastal village on the coast of central Queensland and spent his days adventuring in homemade boats. Read More…

Julie Melrose

Business Development

Julie Melrose is Wild Mob’s Business Development Manager, helping the team to take the organisation in new and exciting directions into the future, inspiring more people to do things that matter! Read More…

Sal Stutsel

Project Leader

Growing up on a farm on the mid north coast of NSW provided Sally with the perfect setting to fall in love with the natural world in the State Forests, National Parks and beaches nearby. Read more…

Margaret Christian

Norfolk Project Leader

Margaret moved to Norfolk Island in 1981 and soon after was employed by the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service. When the Norfolk Island National Park was later declared, there were 3 staff and that small team had the challenge of managing over 50 endemic species of flora and fauna. Read more…

Jodie Williams

Norfolk Project Leader

Jodie was born in Norfolk Island and is a direct descendant of the Pitcairners who arrived there in 1856. Jodie is devoted to her island home and community, and loves to share the diversity its beauty with those who visit. Her passion for creative and artistic expressions founded a working career in graphic design. Read more…

Sue Neureuter

NZ Project Leader

Sue grew up beside one of the most polluted waterways in Auckland where she, her brother Rod and sister Zoe lived and waited for summer. Then, her family would move out to “The Noises”, a group of small and relatively unspoiled islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Her family are hugely privileged to be guardians of these Islands. Read more…

John Mackenzie

NZ Project Leader

John has worked in the government sector in New Zealand, outback Australia and on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. He has worked as a ranger and volunteer on New Zealand’s Raoul Island, working on the Department of Conservation’s weed removal program. Read more…

Kalindi Brennan

Youth Ambassador Mentor

Kalindi is an educator who loves working directly with young people. She has a passion for Sustainability, Environmental Education and Indigenous Cultural Integration; specialising in authentically embedding these cross-curriculum priorities through education and wider community engagement.  Read More…

Our Board

Graeme Wood is an Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the online travel business Wotif.com in 2000. The Graeme Wood Foundation was formed in 2006 and supports environmental sustainability, the arts and education. Graeme is a major donor to the University of Queensland, where he was instrumental in the formation of the Global Change Institute. In 2013, he teamed up with the UK Guardian News and Media to form Guardian Australia. Graeme was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2012.

Derek Ball is CEO of Wild Mob, a member of the Commission for Ecosystem Management within the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the Chair of the Island Arks Australia Alliance. After working many years in the private, public and NGO sectors, Derek knows that Wild Mob is the best future model for conservation management in Australia.

Anna Cerneaz started her professional life as an oceanographer. However, her lifelong interest in the arts, notably as an oboe player and concertgoer, soon channelled her career in an entirely different direction. Over a number of years, she built up her own artistic management business; among the many positions she held during that time was as general manager of Pinchgut Opera. In the past decade, Anna has honed her company director skills in a very practical way. She is currently a director of several organisations, including the Graeme Wood Foundation, which supports progressive thinking and action, Artology, Spring Bay Mill, Wild Mob and Syrinscape.

James Dryburgh studied biology and environmental studies in Tasmania and Scotland and has a Masters of Environmental Planning. He has worked across the world as, amongst other things, a bushwalking guide, woolly monkey carer (almost-human-poo cleaner), environmental planner, English teacher, Cambridge University examiner and writer. He now works in strategy and planning for local government. James has written two books: Essays from Near and Far, 2014 and The Balfour Correspondent, 2017

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Traditional Owner Acknowledgement

Wild Mob would respectfully like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners, their Elders past and present, as well as the important role Indigenous people continue to play on the Land where we carry out our conservation projects.

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