A successful trip to St Bees Island

By September 9, 2014 May 26th, 2015 Great Barrier Reef Islands

On the 15th of August we were joined by 8 enthusiastic volunteers for the inaugural trip to St Bees Island which is in the Cumberland Group of Islands off Mackay. There is a huge amount of weeds on the island but we had the right team to start the ball rolling.

We focused on removing Lantana, Prickly Pear, Snake Weed and Castor Oil plant on the northern end of the island in Turtle Bay. Even though the seas were rough heading over, we were rewarded by a pod of whales being inquisitive only 30 metres from the Wild Cat.

After a few morning sessions of weeding, the afternoons were free for exploration of the island.  Swimming, snorkelling and bushwalking were enjoyed by all as the sunshine state turned on some postcard perfect weather.  There’s a healthy population of Koalas on the island that were quite vocal enabling us to sneak up for a few photos.

There was a huge effort put in by the group clearing 1.1 acres of weeds in 5 days. Thanks to the group for being so motivated during some challenging work. A special thanks to Jenni Bailey for her photography skills. We can’t wait till the next trip in October so we can remove more weeds to enable the natural vegetation to recover.

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