A step closer to saving the bridled nailtail wallaby

By April 28, 2015 May 26th, 2015 Avocet Nature Refuge

We are about ¾ of the way through construction for the bridled nailtail nursery and we want to thank everyone who has supported us! We’ve made sure that your donations have gone a long way.

Back in March the WildMob team and landowner Hugo took over from local contractors in Avocet to finish off the 1200 meters of fence construction. In the 38° Queensland climate we set up the fire breaks, cleared all the buffel grass and vegetation, and secured the predator-proof skirt to the nursery fence using around 1500 steel pins that we shaped by hand and then hammered into place

Hungry predators like foxes, dogs and even wily cats will have a hard time getting in to our Fort Knox nursery!

We’ve also got blue prints for the drafting and watering areas, the I.D. weigh stations and the solar system, which will power the whole site. So keep an eye out for future updates! We plan to have everything operational by July this year!

While at Avocet we also launched our 2015 community engagement program. As with all our projects, we believe its essential to engage with local communities to ensure successful, long-term conservation.

WildMob’s Tim O’Reilly joined EHP conservation officer Janelle Lowry to give a very well received presentation at the Comet State School. Tim then joined Avocet landowner Hugo Spooner at the Emerald Rotary Club to describe the plight of the bridled nailtail wallaby and present our plan to safeguard the juveniles.

We’ve got a tight deadline to finish and we still need to raise $30k. So if you can make any donation then please do so and help us save the nailtails! Or you can help by sharing our story with friends and family.

Get Involved

 We need all hands on deck to save the Nailtail.

Come out bush and help us build the nursery.

 Give a little

We need $100,000 to get the nursery built.
Not much to save an endangered animal!

Every little bit counts – it really does.

 Share & Follow

We have incredible stories and photos that we’d love to share with you.

Trust us – The Natiltail is very cute and our nursery progress will make for interesting reading..


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